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Day 2

We spent a very good time on that plane. You have to know it takes about ten hours to get to Hong Kong from Amsterdam. We have been delighted with the best KLM’s service. The very polite KLM’s employees served us a very fresh and good food, taking care of any detail or need useful for their guests.

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Our plane landed at 12.45 at the Hong Kong International Airport. It is the main airport in Hong Kong and is located on the island of Chek Lap Kok. It is an important regional trans-shipment centre, passenger hub and gateway for destinations in Mainland China and the rest of Asia.

The airport was very crowded, but what stricken us was the vastity of the place. We caught the Airport Express to Kowloon Station, passing throughout Tsing Yi. The latter is an island in the urban area of Hong Kong, to the northwest of Hong Kong Island and south of Tsuen Wan. Is is zoned in four quarters and has about 200.000 inhabitants. Thrill was in the air when approaching the city.

The Airport Express is a quick and comfortable way to get from the Airport to Central. Trains depart at 10 minute intervals from 5:54 to 23:28 and approx 12 minute intervals from 23:28 to 00:48. Train stops at Asia World Expo, Tsing Yi Station, Kowloon Station, Hong Kong Station.

It’s interesting to outline that Kowloon Station is on the Tung Chung Line, and provides in-town check-in services for passengers departing from the Hong Kong International Airport and free shuttle bus services to most major hotels and venues in the Tsim Sha Tsui and Yau Ma Tei areas.  

At the Kowloon Station we caught the K1 line. It is a van shuttle service included in the fare you pay for the Airport Express. It is exclusively provided for the Airport Express passengers traveling between Hong Kong or Kowloon stations and major hotels and railway interchanges. We stopped in Jordan Station, Austin Road. The van tour was gripping because plunged in the chaotic traffic jam. Jordan station is located in Kwun Chung, Kowloon, at the intersection of two main thoroughfares: Nathan Road and Jordan Road.

Nathan Road is one of the most famous and known landmarks of Hong Kong. This road is always crowded of people walking up and down for tourism reasons as well as business. This road is full of places to eat a lunch or a simple breakfast, high end shops and stores, hundreds of amenities. From Jordan Station we turned back to the crossroad with Nathan Road. Turned left and walked for about fiftheen minutes, then arrived at the Chungking Mansions. There, in the block C, fifth floor, met the receptionist, Mr. Shalla, who made us pay and gave 705 room keys, at seventh floor.

Yes guys, you have accurately read it! We reserved one double room in a place that people consider as to be scary. This will unveil as a myth!

After getting to our room we rested and slept until 7.30 p.m..

After that, we made our minds up to take a walk along the streets. An astonishing view appeared ahead our eyes. Huge crowds of people were walking around, flowing up and down the streets, while every colour spotlights were glittering in the dark of the night. We walked over the promenade overlooking the sea and saw an amazing view of the Hong Kong island with its massive skycrapers glittering in the night.

It has been a true enchantable moment that can be fully understood solely if you live it.

After that we moved back to the Chung King Mansions and looked for an Internet Cafè. Instead of finding just an Internet Cafè, we met the Salim Telecom shop (Shop No. 59, 85, Ground Floor, Chungking Mansions) which was – and is – even an Internet Café, plus a mobile phone, sim cards, calling cards, Internet data 3G sim, Blackberry Messenger sim shop at the Mansion’s ground floor. Perfect: we got a mobile number and bought 50 HKd for worldwide traffic, plus 300 minutes for local calls. So, our first day in Hong Kong was over: came back home at around midnight.