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Day 1

Prior events. From Venice to Amsterdam, during our flight, we met a woman – Mrs. Lin – from Xiamen (that has been also known as Amoy. It is the major city of the southeastcoast of China, in the province of Fujian, in which the capital town is Fuzhou.

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It has a population of about 3 millions and a half), Fujian (chinese province, located in the southeast coastline of China. It counts about 35 millions inhabitants), who is working in Preganziol, Treviso, Italy. She is working for a clothing company there. She has been very lovely and helpful with me, talking everytime, in order to help me overcoming my early flight’s scare. Unfortunately we split in Amsterdam. In fact she caught there her direct flight to Xiamen.

But real life is wiser than imagination. So, at the airport of Amsterdam, we met Mr. M. P., a former Hong Kong’s police officer and N. his wife. He has retired at 55 and is living between United Kingdom and Hong Kong. He and his wife are living four months per year in Hong Kong, then they go back to United Kingdom. The couple, when in UK, is living close to the border between England and Scotland. The so-called, by the Romans, Northumberland, which is a county in North East England. This area has been part of the Roman Empire. Later, as Nothumberland it say some conflicts between England and Scotland. Therefore, this area has much more castles than usual on the UK territory.

We met them when queuing to check-in. I just asked M. about the right lane to queue. Actually, I and my wife thought that lane could be a sort of privileged one to queue. Mr. M. relieved us saying: “I am not privileged for queing here, therefore this is not a privileged lane to queue”.

On the plane I and M. spoke a little about what we were going to do in Hong Kong: visiting, discovering, new opportunities and so on. At the end of the flight we gave one another our contact details in order to meet again.