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Day 34

From Central to Sha Tin.

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We got up at 8.30 a.m.. A semi-cold weather makes easy to sleep in a satisfying way. We wanted to stay longer at home, sleeping. Anyway, we had to wake up. We went to Mc Cafè in Peking Road to have our breakfast. Then, we caught the ferry to Central at Victoria Harbour. So we crossed the strait, moored Central, walked over the footbridge in order to go to the tram stop, toward Kennedy Town. In Kennedy Town walked around the place and admired Kowloon’s landscape as well as Hong Kong Island’s one.

Then, we caught the tram once again to go back, and got off in Central, to catch the ferry back to Kowloon. We went back home for a while and got out at once to eat something.

Later, we went out and caught a train at Hung Hom station and stopped in Sha Tin in order to meet M. and N.. Made our minds up to drink a coffee. As a matter of fact it is not a good idea to drink a coffee after 4 p.m. in Hong Kong, because bars and cafees are unbelievably crowded of students and people having their shopping. Anyway, we succeeded to find a table after a long patrolling all over the shopping centre. Afterwards, went to a chinese restaurant at the groundfloor eating all together.

After that we hailed M. and N. and approached the Sha Tin Town Hall to attend the Cantonese Opera show.

The show was simply amazing, especially because we were the only two westerners in the theatre. After that, at about 11 p.m., we went back to the train station, caught the train back to Hung Hom. We were at home at midnight.