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Day 28

Sha Tin, a classy suburb.

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We got up at 8.30 a.m. and went to Cameron Road looking for a pharmacy in order to buy a cream. Found it, bought it: mission accomplished! Had a breakfast in a Mc Cafe’ few steps from the pharmacy. Afterwards, we walked over Cameron Road and arrived in New Mandarin Plaza. Then, we caught the East Rail Line train in Hung Hom, to go to Sha Tin and visited the Heritage Museum once again, because there was an exhibition on the Mandala culture over there. It is now worth to be mention something about this culture.

Mandala (circle, मण्डल in Sanskrit) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in indian religions. It represents the universe. There’s even a common sense use for “mandala”, which generically means diagram, chart or geometric pattern representing – metaphisically or symbolically a microcosm of the universe.

The Mandala basic form is a square with four gates containing a circle, with a centre point. Mandala, as a term, appears in the Rigveda (an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns), as the name of the sections of the work. It is even used in other religions and philosophies, particularly in Buddhism.

Anyway, we visited once again the whole museum that worth to be visited, no doubts.

We enjoyed once again the Bruce Lee Museum, which recalled us, once again, our childhood and young age. Bruce Lee has always been one of the topics of our generation, a sort of example, an icon or a vulgarization, of what is asian culture and spirit.

We got out the Museum at 4 p.m., walked over Sha Tin Park, stopping there for about 30 minutes, inspired by the beautiful atmosphere released by the green.

After that, we moved to the Town Hall building and realized that the Auditorium is located beside the former. We planned to have a Cantonese Opera night over there, for the next tuesday, and just wanted to be sure it was the right place to go to. We bought two tickets for the Opera at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Afterwards, we took back the underground and came back to Hung Hom. From there we reached Tsim Sha Tsui on foot, buying in the meanwhile some food from an International supermarket.

Later, we went to Salim’s internet point by the Mansions.

Back home at 9 p.m..