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Day 12

A Day in Cheng Chau

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We got up at 8.30 a.m.. Went to the Star Ferry Pier in Kowloon, Victoria Harbour. Got some breakfast, very cheap if compared with the Pacific Coffee’s one, at the Mc Cafe’ beside the Ferry Station. Then, got to Central. After arrived in Central, we caught the speedy ferry line to Cheung Chau Island at the pier number 5. Got in Cheung Chau Island in 30 minutes and visited the fishermen’s village which is even a touristic place. Effectively, favoured by the sunny and very warm day, the island was crowded of people. Cheung Chao is the right place to be if you are looking for relaxing or swimming or just taking some artistic pictures. You have to remember that Cheung Chao has beautiful equipped shores.

Had a walk through the Pak Tai Temple that we visited with joy, then went to the Cheung Chau Beach Road to the Outlook Pavillon. Very well mantained parks, shores and waterfront promenade.

We had our lunch in a very simple place, runned by a young couple, few steps by the waterfront. We paid something like 10 euro for two people, including drinks. We ate duck and rice with sauce, and sausages with rice and tomato sauce. After that, we rested for about one hour in a small park beside the soccer field. Then, we walked around the town and along the promenade on the sea for about one hour. At 6.20 p.m. we caught the ferry back to Central, pier 5, and then the ferry to Kowloon, pier 7.

Arrived home after a brief diversion along the streets right around Nathan Road, at 8.30 p.m..