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Day 10

The Sun Yat-Sen Museum, the Man-Mo Temple and the Visual Art Centre. Then enjoying the Hong Kong Park.

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We woke up at 8 a.m., went to Central by the ferry, visited the Sun Yat-sen Museum. Really amazing! Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925) was one of the most important chinese revolutionary and the “father” of modern China. The museum is not only amazing, but even touching. In this venue people can really understand what does mean committment, earnestness, generosity. Then, moved to the Man Mo Temple (buddhist). Afterwards, walked over Hollywood Road, the best for antiquities, and found F. and A.’s Gallery, the Parkview Art HK Gallery in 27 Old Bailey Road.

A. brought us to F. at the Cafè de Paris, a restaurant where we ate a fantastic lunch based on mackarel and spaghetti with sea food. We have been deeply impressed by the quality of the food, but even by the very high level of service and client focus the managers showed us.

Then, got back to the Gallery. F. told us we could go to the Ned Kelly’s Last Stand place that night, a place where there’s a band playing music in a dixie style. So, we had a date for 8 p.m., the same night. After having met our friends we moved to the Visual Arts Centre in Kennedy Road. Then, came back home, rested for a couple of hours and went out to meet F., R., L. T. and M. L. M. at the Ned Kelly’s Last Stand. We ate very well, listened at good music, had a lot of fun, met F. V., an italian guy playing sax at Ned’s place. Got back home at 1.30 a.m.. That has been a memorable night.