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Day 3

That morning we woke up at 8.30 a.m. and checked out at about 10. We left room #705 to move to a new room in the afternoon. S., the receptionist, told us it would has been a room in the B block, 6th floor, number 668A. We moved there, settled our stuff in the new room that was smaller but nice.

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We went out and stopped at Mc Donald’s, to get some breakfast, in 184 Nathan Road.

After that, we walked over Austin Road, crossing then Chatham Road where we found the Hong Kong Museum of History. A very huge place, not expensive as all the museum system in the city, composed by a massive presence of archeological items, information material and artistic items about prehistoric periods of time up to the modern ages.

Very interesting and gripping was the part relating to the folks of chinese people and the opium war time.

After that, we went back home. We got out again at 8 p.m., after having payed our whole staying at the Mansions. S. has married a wonderful chinese woman. His boss is a chinese man close to 60. S. Is a smart man who often tend to joke, and this is very clever for the job he performs. He told us: “don’t joke about money with chinese people, they can fight with you for this“. Ok, we already knew that! No jokes about money in China. But this serious attitude has an evident reason: it is linked with the very important phase in China’s history. It is the phase in which China has becoming the first economy worldwide.

Then, we got out and walked over Nathan Road, turning right to Humphrey’s Road to dine at the same place as yesterday: Aberdeen Fishball & Noodles Restaurant, phone 2739 7388. The place is ok, the food is tasty, the service is more than decent and prices are fair.

After having eaten we made our minds up as to have a walk over the centre. Therefore we admired the Kowloon Masjid Mosque, and afterwards turned to Canton Road, a road crowded of major brands, especially italian ones. Chinese people seem to be happy to share lifestiles, shopping ventures and oddities as well as nightlife. We noticed that situation especially in Canton Road. Anyway, we kept on going to the harbour, the amazing promenade along the waterfront. After having walked in the night, we reached Nathan Road and slipped again to our room. It was 11.30 p.m.