We Love Hong Kong [WLHK] is a web platform and an infomediary solution by which everybody can fully enjoy the city of Hong Kong. It is a tool to get visitors and locals closer than ever, helping them to share their needs and opportunities. WLHK will sell Services and Advertising Spaces to its business community. Subscriptions will be forever free of charge. Local businesses can get a customized free basic service which means online promotion of their businesses and the permit to expose their goods or services online by WLHK itself.

For businesses, additional services can be provided;

personalized advertisement; online best profiling and interviews; SEO; online marketing and Social Media Management; Social Media Marketing; Social Media Optimization; Internet Hotel Marketing Services; Paid Adword Management Service; Web content and copywriting services; Youtube Marketing; E-commerce development; CMS Website development; Business Websites; Website redesigning; outsourcing of some of the main hospitality industry duties (customer-care, complaint & refund management); Advertisement; Mobile Apps creation and management; Overbooking Management; Website/Blog building; HTML, CSS, SQL and databases Management; Consultancy; C2C; C2B; B2B.

For privates, visitors, expats and locals;

discounts in WLHK network; ads; restaurant reservations; shows and theatres ticketing; gift buying helper; personal shopper; transportation finder or taxi reservation; walking tours; airport shuttling. Our proposal is targeted for those people, locals, visitors or expats, and their local counterparts or businesses, who want to be effectively present in the city space, wanting to enjoy its hugely wonderful chances.

In order to understand our offer, subscribe first, and get your password to enter the Pricing Page.

The head office is in Hong Kong.

Phone: +39-331-5631176. Please, consider to connect, by this number, via Wechat or Whatsapp. It’s free!