What is WLHK?

WLHK is a work in progress web platform which presents Hong Kong to the world, especially to the Western touristic and business markets. A way to enjoy a better lifestyle, business and knowledge opportunities for everybody. That’s especially for people who don’t know Hong Kong yet.

Why China? Why Hong Kong?

China is the hugest market around the world; Hong  Kong is its internationally oriented cultural and business hub.

Is your subscription free?

Yes, it is, forever.

What type of free services does WLHK offer?

WLHK allows you to upload your business and your basic personal profile, in order to be presented whether to their western counterparts and everybody who want to check what’s on in Hong Kong.

What type of services have to be paied?

You will be paying solely if upgrading from your basic profile to some other features like: personalizing and web best profiling features, interviews, concierge service requests, advertisement spaces, consultancy. To learn more about that, please, got to our About page first and Pricing page after that.

When and how can I upload my basic profile?

We will send you your authentication details just after you have done your sign up. The details we’ll send you will allow you to enter your personal area and start uploading a brief description and some photos (no more than three) about your business.

What payment platform do we use?

We use Paypal and Stripe as our online payment platforms. Credit cards are welcome.

Is WLHK a static project or is it a work in progress?

WLHK, of course, is a work in progress framework, as already said above. It is a dynamic and self-improving project. By time to time it’ll be probably changing its layout, some contents, to develop a better user experience.

Still need help? Our customer support is here to help.

Contact support.