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  • Prior events. From Venice to Amsterdam, during our flight, we met a woman – Mrs. Lin – from Xiamen (that has been also known as Amoy. It is the major city of the southeastcoast of China, in the province of Fujian, in which the capital town is Fuzhou.

  • We spent a very good time on that plane. You have to know it takes about ten hours to get to Hong Kong from Amsterdam. We have been delighted with the best KLM’s service. The very polite KLM’s employees served us a very fresh and good food, taking care of any detail or need useful for their guests.

  • That morning we woke up at 8.30 a.m. and checked out at about 10. We left room #705 to move to a new room in the afternoon. S., the receptionist, told us it would has been a room in the B block, 6th floor, number 668A. We moved there, settled our stuff in the new room that was smaller but nice.

  • This day starts later. Our Oppo mobile phone wake up call does not seem to work. The truth is we did not switch it on yesterday night in order to ring in the next morning. Therefore, we have woken up by the waitress knocking at our door. Time is 10.50 a.m..

  • The Big BLantau Island and The Big Buddha.

  • We woke up at 7.45, took a shower, got out at about 9.30 to get some breakfast. We stopped at the Pacific Coffee, 132 Nathan Road. Had a cappuccino and a cake. 

  • We got up at 8.30 a.m. and took our breakfast at Pacific Coffee.

  • Going to Ap Lei Chau.

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